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National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Chocolate covered bacon with caramel drizzle

Chocolate covered bacon with caramel drizzle

December marks one of the most fun and sweet-filled days of the year—and it’s not Christmas. Nine days before that other sweet-filled holiday, on December 16 each year, the US celebrates National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

Cupcakes with some extra chocolate drizzle? Yes, please. Chocolate-dipped cheesecake squares? Yes, again. Ramen noodles covered in chocolate? Why not!

Consider using this under-appreciated holiday to bring some attention to your restaurant by creating your own unique chocolate covered confection and handing out samples on the street. We recommend thinking beyond the ordinary—make something unusual, but make sure it tastes good! Tell people what you’re celebrating as you hand out the samples and increase the likelihood that they will turn into a customer by including a lunch or dinner special for that week on their napkin.

There are plenty of other national days you can work into your marketing efforts. Take a look at the special days and weeks celebrated in December on the National Day Calendar.