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Guerrilla Marketing for Your Restaurant


Guerrilla Marketing takes its name from guerrilla warfare, a fighting technique in which generally small groups of combatants use less traditional military tactics to fight larger (and less mobile) armies. Similarly, guerrilla marketers come up with creative, unconventional, and generally less expensive means to advertise their products to the world.

The key to great guerrilla marketing is to pick something that suits your restaurant really well and to make it unique. One great example is the Sushi Roll escalator, pictured here. By placing these stickers on the escalator handrails, Sushi Roll introduced consumers to the “sushi train” available inside their restaurant and caught consumers when they had time to look at an ad.

Another unique idea came from the Japanese restaurant Original Shundi. They simulated a Shuriken (throwing star) attack around their city by placing special Shuriken stickers on 1500 vehicles. The stickers provided their contact details and invited people into their restaurant. With a little imagination, they turned something people generally don’t like (having a sticker placed on their car) into an advertising opportunity that people talked about.


Think about something that might suit your restaurant. If you’re a pizzeria located in a plaza, set up a pizza tossing competition out front. If you rely on delivery orders, come up with a really inventive menu that can be hung on people’s doors on it and spread it around the neighborhood.

You don’t need to be a marketing professional to succeed at guerrilla marketing. It’s all about having fun. So, give your staff some examples, ask for their ideas, and try something new.