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Cater to Your Local Customers

You’re a small restaurant owner, you want customers in the door but you’re competing with other restaurants, big chains and grocery stores. How do you get local customers to think of you first when they’re on the hunt for something to eat?



Local marketing!

Marketing your restaurant is all about starting out small. Think about things that are located within a 3-5 miles radius of your restaurant. Is there a school, a firehouse, a community center or a church? If there are, pick one or several places that you’d like to market to. When picking places to sponsor, remember your target market. Does your restaurant cater more to college students, families or health-conscious foodies? For example, if your food is more on the pricy side, you may not want to market to cash-strapped college students.

Once you’ve picked your preferred places to sponsor, reach out to them to see if there are any major upcoming events that you could offer coupons or promotional codes to. Better yet, check if they are open to letting you cater free or discounted food. Of course, this would be a large investment on your part so make sure that your restaurant, business card and website are well represented at the event. If all goes well, you’ll now have a partner in the community! What better way to bring in customers than to have great word-of-mouth advertising from a local partner? You will gain new customers from this partnership, earn some free marketing and may even make money on future events with these partners!