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Good Food + Service = Returning Customers!

If you’re like most restaurant owners, you’ve probably offered a promotion or discount before to drive business. Most customers jump at the opportunity for discounted food. They come inside, enjoy a nice meal, leave… and then you never see them again.

Good Food

How can we fix that?

Everyone in the restaurant industry knows that discounts help bring new customers, but the trick is bringing them in without cutting your prices. You want your customers back in your restaurant for the food, the service and the atmosphere. The key to that is consistency in your identity, service and quality of your food.

1. Identity
Your customers like to have a good sense of what to expect from a restaurant. If you are known as the restaurant with fast service, keep it up! If you are known for your affordable prices, don’t suddenly raise prices. You want to make sure every customer’s experience with your restaurant is consistent and solid with every visit. Define the identity of your restaurant, or take what you’re known for and make it the hallmark of your restaurant. Having this consistency will remind customers of what you have to offer, and bring them back every time they think of you!

2. Service
Everyone likes to feel special, including your customers! Even though you may be serving hundreds of people a day, make it a goal to get to know at least 3 customers everyday. What’s their name? Is this their first time to your restaurant? Are they from out of town? Perhaps you can spark a conversation with them about how your restaurant got its name, or how the recipes were developed. Once you’ve had a particularly striking conversation with a customer, remember their name and greet them the next time they come back.

3. Food
It may seem obvious, but at the end of the day your restaurant’s goal is serving great food. As a restaurant owner, you’ve got a ton of things going on. However, always remember that the quality of your food should always be the highest priority.

That’s it! Make sure you’re fulfilling these three key areas, while letting old and new customers stay updated with your restaurant website, and you’ll be sure to see returning customers soon!