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Social Media 101: Part 3 - Getting Fancy with Promoted Posts!



Last week we mentioned some ideas for attracting and keeping people on your social media sites. But once you attract them, you’ve got to keep them. When customers see your posts, they think about you more. Of course, this leads them to visit your restaurant again!

There are a host of different promotional categories that you can choose to emphasize on for each week. Here are a few that we suggest you try: 

Advertise Promotions/Discounts
Let your customer know of ongoing or upcoming discount codes online – perhaps even social media only codes that customers can whisper in the restaurant to get a special discount. This can keep them coming back to your Facebook for the next discount!

If you’re feeling fun, you can create social media contests such as “Best Food Pictures,” or let customers name your newest dish via a post on your page. Just promote the contest via your social media and in your restaurant, and let your customers have fun!

Give customers small rewards for signing up to be on your newsletter list, or “checking-in” at your restaurant on your Facebook page. Offer them a free soda the next time they come in, or a small discount off their meal.

Boosting Your Posts
You’ve got great content, discounts and contests, but you want to reach beyond the people who’ve “Liked” your page. Facebook does have a solution for this, and it comes in the form of “Promoted Posts.” Essentially, this can increase the effectiveness of the previously mentioned promotions (such as contests, rewards, and discounts) by broadening the audience that will see your post. For example, a post on your restaurant page may only reach a small amount of your followers without the “boost.” With the boost, this percentage can increase to more of your followers, or your followers and their friends. This ensures that more people see it!


To do this, simply go on your page and create a post or select one from your page to be promoted. Then, click on the “promotion” tab to select your budget and start the campaign. That’s it, you’re done! After that, remember to check back at the post to see how well it did and improve for next time!

Whatever you decide to do, remember to stay fun and creative yet professional. Customers love restaurants that have an active presence and a personality online. Not only will promotions help you stay active in their minds, it will help develop a brand for you as well!