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The Importance of Menus on Restaurant Websites

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Restaurants are all about food. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. They’re also about ambiance and community and spending time with friends and family. But mostly they’re about food. Therefore, it should go without saying that every restaurant website needs to include a menu. Yet nearly 30% of them don’t. Out of those who do, many of the menus are only available in Flash (making them not readable on mobile devices and often slow to load) or require consumers to spend time downloading large PDF files. Why not link straight to your menu? It’s what consumers want!

Need more proof?  80% of consumers think it’s important to see a menu before dining at a restaurant and 70% of consumers think it’s important to be able to read the menu on a mobile device.

Websites made with Appetas include a navigation link that takes diners directly to a beautiful version of the restaurant’s menu. And we now offer Locu integration. What is Locu? It’s a free service used by many restaurant owners to keep track of the latest version of their menu and garner new business by showcasing to the menu on Yelp, facebook, OpenTable, and other popular sites.

Restaurants that already use Locu will have their menu automatically added to their Appetas website. Don’t have Locu yet? Not a problem! Your Appetas package includes a free account with Locu. With Locu integration, we can send a copy of your menu directly to Locu and have it up on your website within 48 hours (usually less), styled with the same theme, colors, and fonts you selected for the rest of the site.

Appetas restaurant website menu sample

Appetas restaurant website menu sample

Customized Themes, Colors, and Fonts for Your Restaurant Website

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Some of our customers find the exact design they’re looking for among Appetas’ many templates. Others come to us with a specific vision of what they want—the perfect background image, color palette, and font. Now folks in the latter group can use our ridiculously simple editor to self-customize their site design.

How’s it done?

  1. Visit the editor for your website (if you haven’t created a site yet, enter your restaurant info on the homepage, click “preview your site”, and fill in the sign-up form to start your 14 day free trial—no credit card required).
  2. Click the paintbrush on the left to bring up the theme options.
  3. At the bottom of the box, click the “Customize Theme” button.
  4. Choose whether you would like to change the background, colors, or fonts.
  5. Follow the instructions below depending on which area you would like to change

Customizing your site’s Background

Choose from one of the theme options in the box OR drag and drop your own background image in the space provided OR click “Choose File” to upload your background image.

Tip: You’ll need a high quality photo for your background. We recommend a professional photo of your restaurant’s interior or exterior.

Customizing your site’s Color Palette

Color Palette Selector

Color Palette Selector

Choose a color palette in the dropdown OR click “Customize Colors” to select the precise color for headers, text, etc.

Tip: If you have a logo, pick some of the colors from your logo for your website’s color palette.

 Customizing your site’s Fonts

Choose a font option in the dropdown.

 It’s sort of like Instagramming your website. Go ahead, give it a try. Have another feature suggestion? Drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.