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What’s your Restaurant’s Social Media Voice?


We’ve talked a lot about why your restaurant needs a website (Appetas is a website builder, after all), but to effectively market your restaurant, you should have a social media presence.  This means a Facebook page at a minimum, but preferably a twitter handle as well. 

Stumped as to what to post? The key to finding your social media voice is knowing your market. If your restaurant is all about local sourcing, write about where you are getting your ingredients for dinner. More of an ambiance place? Mention the band that is playing that night or link to a video of your bartender making the perfect tropical beverage.

Always popular things to post to get people in the door: happy hour deals, food specials, and photos of your most beautiful dishes.

You don’t need to post on social media every day, though if you have something interesting to say, it doesn’t hurt.  We suggest a minimum of three times per week and a maximum of once a day.

Want to save some time? There are plenty of services that will blast your post out to your accounts on multiple social networking sites. Here’s a post on the top 10.