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Why Food Trucks Need Websites Too


As a food truck owner, you’re always on the move, but that doesn’t mean your web presence should be a moving target. Although you offer a less formal dining experience, your customers still want a website where they can find the essentials: your menu, hours, specials, and a schedule of the locations where your truck can be found. Consider it your truck’s home base.

Think your Facebook page is a suitable web solution? You could be missing out on a huge number of customers: 33% of adults in the US aren’t on Facebook and, of those who are, 61% admit to taking breaks from the site for weeks at a time (according to a Pew Internet study).

Another essential? A mobile-friendly website. Mobile device traffic accounts for 40% of visitors to restaurant websites. And we would venture to say the numbers are even higher for food trucks. Why? Because people are often out and about when looking for your truck.

We know with all the things you have going on, getting a website up might sound like an insurmountable obstacle, but with Appetas, it can be done in minutes from your iPad or desktop. Choose from one of our beautiful design templates (you can also customize your themes, fonts, and colors), add your info and photos, and publish your site. You can update your website anytime—changing your location and hours for the day or adding any specials you might have. And you don’t need our help to do any of it!

Should you want some help (or have any questions), just give us a call at 800-872-6618 or send us an email. We’d be happy to hear from you!