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Restaurant Owners: Why You Need a Mobile Version of Your Website

An Appetas customer's mobile website

An Appetas customer's mobile website

According to a study from restaurant analytics company Restaurant Sciences, a whopping 95% of independent restaurants and nearly 90% of full service restaurants do not have a mobile website.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you need to have a mobile version of your website. A “mobile website” does not simply mean that your website is viewable on a phone—it means your website is designed to be viewed on a phone. Customers aren’t likely to spend 15 minutes on a non mobile-friendly site, zooming into every bit of text until they find the information they are searching for. And since 84% of diners are likely to look at more than one restaurant website when deciding where to eat (according to research by SinglePlatform and Chadwick Martin Bailey), who’s going to win their business—the restaurant with or without a mobile-friendly site?

We know restaurant owners have an overwhelming number of things on their plates (no pun intended), but consider the numbers: nearly half of consumers visiting restaurant websites are doing so on a mobile device and over 80% of consumers searched for a restaurant using a mobile application in a 6-month period (SinglePlatform, Chadwick Martin Bailey). Are you prepared to lose all these potential customers because they can’t view your website on their smartphone?

We didn’t think so. So, what’s a busy restaurant owner to do?

We recommend turning to a templated solution like Appetas, which allows you to create a mobile-friendly website in a few minutes. No technical or design expertise needed! You can even test your site out with our free 14 day trial (no credit card required).