Get to know Appetas

Why are we here?

We love great restaurants and fabulous food! Many of our favorite restaurant owners obsess over the entire dining experience, starting from the moment you enter their restaurant.

The problem was that our dining experience always started by pulling out our phone trying to look up the restaurant's website. Unfortunately most restaurant websites just don't work on a phone - they often miss key information, have outdated PDF menus, and sometimes don't even load. We wanted to change all that and give restaurants a website that shows off their beautiful food.

We're building Appetas to target restaurant owners' needs by making it incredibly simple to create a beautiful restaurant website that looks amazing on all devices. The whole process is designed to take only minutes from start to finish. Afterwards, the owner themselves can keep the site up-to-date and drive traffic. In short, restaurants will attract more customers by having a fantastic site that starts a great dining experience from the time you pull out your phone.

Meet the team

Keller Smith, CEO

Keller is the CEO of Appetas and serves as the "designer in residence" until we find the perfect designer. Prior to Appetas, Keller was a Program Manager on the Microsoft SharePoint team. He has over six years of experience designing user interfaces and managing projects. Keller received a B.S. in Computer Science and Business Administration from Trinity University.

Curtis Fonger, CTO

Curtis is our development wizard - he makes the real magic happen around here. Prior to Appetas, Curtis was a software UI developer at Microsoft on the Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive teams. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from MIT.